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Why I've Been Ghosting (It's Not You...It's Me!)

Hey fellow adventurers! So I know it's been quite awhile since I've made an appearance around these parts and while I did suffer a *tiny* writer's block crisis back in February, I also had an accident that pretty much put everything on pause for me. Not gonna go into details, but I was laid up for over a month and I had a lot of time to think about my life and where it's going. I'm still working to get to my "new-normal" status, but I did learn some things while trying to get back on my feet (#alwayslearning).

#1: Since the 2020 madness, I've realized that I've been totally absent from my own life. Every day was just "another day" on a journey to basically nowhere and I have a hunch that a lot of you can relate. Do you ever feel like you went from "living life!" to "just barely surviving"? Yeah, #same and I'm brainstorming ways to feel more like a #maincharacter than a bystander in my own life story. Here's how my list is going:

  1. Take more pictures - I have almost zero pictures from the past year because let's be real, pandemic life hasn't been real pretty.

  2. Go outside more often - this can be difficult in PA since we get all four seasons in a day, but it's still good to get some fresh air even if mother nature can't get it together.

  3. Listen to music/dance more - I LOVE to sing and dance around the house when I'm doing chores and I can't believe I let myself forget that.

That's as far as I got...maybe I'll make a comprehensive list about *enjoying the little things* and post it here later? I'm working to incorporate this list into my day-to-day life, especially taking pictures - I have three adorable cats that provide endless photo opportunities (#everydayiscaturday in my house) so I basically have no excuse for that one.

Gardening has always been a secret passion of mine, but I've always been limited as far as what that means - I have a few houseplants and have dabbled in the world of outdoor gardening, but I've never sustained a veggie garden or anything. Urban gardening has been something I've grown more and more interested in over the years and I even started a separate blog called Hillberry Homestead to help other people get started with homesteading and gardening on a small scale. If that's something you guys would be interested in (shoutout to my #cottagecore aesthetic peeps) definitely send me a message and let me know - I would love to get back into #plantlife.

So yeah, sorry I ghosted you guys for so long - just know that even if I don't post often I'm still available for #coffeedates and chatting. I'll do my best to start making an appearance more often. In the meantime, I'll be dancing around my house and jamming out - if you want to join me, here's a link to my Spotify playlist full of sing-alongs and happy hits. Don't forget to enjoy the little moments and sing your heart out. ❤

Stay adventurous!

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