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Quick Life Update: Feeling Thankful

Updated: Feb 8

Hey fellow adventurers, I just wanted to give you guys a *tiny* update on my life right now. November has always been my favorite, not just because it’s my birthday (hey 25!) but also because Thanksgiving is my #2 favorite holiday and it really brings out the best in people (or at least I like to think so). I was scrolling through Pinterest, as usual, when I came across a list of November blogging prompts - I have a notoriously hard time starting blog posts, so I love prompts and one of them was “share what you are thankful for”. In the blogging world there are certain fears you have to overcome and one of those fears for me is oversharing - I’m an introvert to the core, but since the world has gone crazy and we’re in the middle of a pandemic I guess, why not.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it really pushes the idea of giving back to others, which I think the world could always use a little more of (not to mention the delicious food!). It also reminds me of why I started blogging in the first place - I wanted more freedom, more time to spend at home, and to hopefully make some extra money to support my tiny family - basically the stuff that everyone wants. The real hidden reason though, is that I want to succeed so I can give back to those who supported me most. There are a few people in my life that have always been there for me, lifting me up when I fall down, and just overall making me a better person.

I’ve never been one of those you would call “financially stable” (ha) but I’m trying to improve myself, because there are things that I really want to give back to others. Until the magical day comes when I can afford to buy my mom a horse, and support every small business that’s struggling, I just want to openly let my friends, family, and subscribers know how much I truly appreciate you. Thanks for always liking my pictures on Instagram, sharing my posts, reading my posts, and following the blog as we grow. I especially want to thank Eric, because I honestly would have given up on myself a long time ago if he hadn’t (consistently) reminded me that I am good enough to do this and succeed.

Don't forget that there are always people in your corner as you figure out life's big adventure, you just might not always see them. Please be kind to others during this holiday season and remember to be thankful and give back!

Stay adventurous.

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