• Areliana Hillberry

Printable Long Trip Packing Checklist

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Remember when I said I'm forgetful when it comes to short trips? Well it's tripled when it comes to a longer stay - if I don't start planning and making lists as soon as possible, I'm a total mess, so I designed something I could print and start using right away. Inspired by my quick and easy short trip checklist, I present to you the printable packing checklist for long trips! It includes 2 pages this time, one with tons of space for keeping track of your packing items (especially the important things!) and another page with a space for logging tentative weather, as well as a notes section for saving travel times, addresses, etc. Click here to print your free Long Trip Packing Checklist.

Hope you enjoy your free printable! If you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments! :)

Stay adventurous

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