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Night Blues & Motivational Movies

It’s been only about 1 month since Eric first started his new job and only 2.5 weeks since we began the switch to “night shift”. For the first week, it wasn’t ideal and was very difficult to adjust, but it was something new; adventures are always exciting, which definitely kept us going.Now, it’s become a blurry routine of 10-hour nights, 14-hour naps, and constant headaches (at least on my end, I think Eric is faring much better than myself). When I woke up today I felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks in my skull, not to mention I had no idea what time nor day it was.

I had no idea how much “the switch” would affect us, despite my research and careful planning. We have no time for each other, or anything else – it’s all sleep, coffee, rushing to get to work on time – and then waiting to start all over. There are 10 long night hours where I simply sit and stare at my surroundings, trying desperately to find motivation for anything. Instead, I curl up in a blanket and close my eyes, trying to will away my pounding headache while simultaneously staying awake. Mondays are – bear with me here –  actually the best days because I’m the most motivated, having utilized the weekend to rejuvenate/spend time with friends/seek sleep and happiness. Last Monday, I went crazy with cleaning, laundry, work and ended up staying up all night with no problem whatsoever; I felt great, I was invincible. By the time Tuesday night rolled around and I was waving goodbye to Eric out the window, my motivation was on empty and all I wanted to do was cry and watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Seely snuggled in my lap. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson helped me get rid of all my ugly feelings and boost my spirits. Then Pitch Perfect started playing, which I’ve never seen, so I plopped myself back on the couch and was instantly “wowed”.

Do you ever watch someone else do something and just think “yeah, I could totally do that” even though you secretly know you’re lying to yourself? Yep, that’s what was going through my head while watching Anna Kendrick kick ass on screen. Maybe not so useful, but what I really got from it was: *drumroll* Motivation! If you think I’m crazy or have no idea what I’m talking about, please allow me to explain: so you know how when you watch a really good movie, like a mind-blowing movie and you just sit there and you feel like everything you know about anything is a lie? OK, maybe not that exact feeling, but the feeling that comes after, when you suddenly become super driven to change yourself and the world and do everything and anything that is humanly possible? Bam, motivation.

Obviously this little motivation “high” only lasted the rest of the night, but I actually got a lot done and felt a lot better. It’s hard to do much of anything when you are constantly hating yourself for being too tired to accomplish everything on the checklist. So I vowed to watch movies! Well, not exactly – I just reassured myself that sitting down to watch a probably-overrated chick flick once in awhile isn’t damaging – it’s actually helpful. Plus I can send Eric funny snapchats of hilarious pause-moments (Enjoy)

Still searching to find a balance in my life, but trying to enjoy the adventure that comes with living. What are some of your favorite life-changing movies? Comment!

Thanks for reading!

Areliana & Seely (emotional support kitty)

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