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5 Tips to Stay Motivated and Tackle Your To Do List

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Organization and cleaning are tasks that we all have to deal with on a daily or weekly basis, there's just no escaping it - unless you live in a cave, which is pretty rare these days. The problem is, most of us have busy, chaotic lives and the thought of cleaning up after a long day is incredibly draining. I'm a naturally organized person, but when I was working full-time you would think I was the messiest person alive because at the end of the day, I was behind on laundry, dishes, and de-cluttering. I was neglecting the household so much that my husband and I were both miserable, so I finally gathered a tiny bit of motivation and started tackling the tough stuff. The experience helped me cultivate these 5 tips to help you stay motivated and finally get the clean house you deserve.

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#1. Start Early. If you have a full-time job, then start as soon as you get home - it may seem impossible, but it's easier to get things done if you haven't already tasted the comfort of the couch. If you have a job that allows you to work from home, start tackling your to-do list as early as you can.

#2. Write a To-Do List. Seriously, write it down on real paper - not your phone. I firmly believe in the power of writing things down and crossing things off your to-do list is a positive mental reward! So pull out your favorite notepad and write down all the tasks you want to accomplish - then pick 5 that you want to accomplish today. Be realistic and choose tasks you'll actually be able to finish. If you finish them all, you can add more later.

#3. Do the Hardest Task First. Or the one you hate the most - I personally hate doing the dishes, so I always do them first to get it over with. This will help you actually get through your list instead of just shuffling tasks around to avoid the one you really don't want to do (but secretly know it needs to be done). I used that trick on myself all the time and it does work - but all it does is create a bigger pile of dirty dishes! Why make the task harder?

#4. Give Yourself a Break. Organization burnout is a real thing - when all those cute containers start to blur together and you're considering throwing everything in a closet to hide the mess, you're about to burnout. Do yourself a favor and take a moment - just sitting down and closing your eyes for a minute can help. Every project could use a pair of fresh eyes, so you don't want to strain those peepers!

#5. Get Some Fresh Air. Even if you can't actually go outside, open a window. Become one with nature for a hot minute - breath and remember that in the grand scheme of things, if the laundry isn't completely done today it's not the end of the world. And don't forget - judgy relatives all have their fair share of chores that they hate doing!

I like to spend time in my tiny garden when I feel overwhelmed

Cleaning can be really hard - but it also doesn't have to be. Follow these steps and you'll have a clean house in no time - the key is to stay motivated, so keep an eye on that list and do each task with purpose. Bonus, listen to your favorite playlist while you clean! It feels a lot less like work when you're jamming to your favorite songs. I'm also obsessed with my bullet journal, where I write down all my tasks at the beginning of the week and keep track of what I've accomplished - I love that it's totally customized to me personally. You can get the one I use here, or there are lots of other options. Now go get organized! Don't forget to give yourself a break and don't be so hard on yourself - nobody is perfect. Do you have any tips to make cleaning easier? Leave them in the comments below, we'd love to hear your ideas.

Stay adventurous.


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