Yearning for Adventure

Welcome to the Adventure!

My little family includes me, my cool husband Eric, our three black cats, and our crazy noodle (ferret). We love traveling, camping, watching movies, and eating all the snacks. We're working toward our #vanlife dream of living and working on the road full-time, but right now we're trying to cope with #pandemiclife (cue the snacks).


This blog used to be a place to share our hiking adventures and #travelgoals, but the state of the world right now has forced us to totally re-evaluate our life. We're focusing on the things we can control and trying to find peace in the little things instead of planning for big ones. Life itself is humanity's greatest adventure and I think we should celebrate more of the day-to-day moments that often get overlooked. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is my greatest achievement, and I'm finally accepting that that's okay.

Let me be honest...

if you're looking for somebody who is happy-go-lucky, has a stylish wardrobe, and seems to have everything figured out - I'm not your girl. This blog is full of stuff I think is cool, cute animals, and some (hopefully) helpful advice from #yourstruly. I use an unnecessary amount of hashtags and acronyms, make a lot of grammatical errors, and probably use a lot of words that don't exist. But I promise I'll always be honest with you because friendships are built on transparency. 🖤


So, if you love animals, coffee, the color blue, books, movies, trees, good vibes...


Let's be friends!

I can't promise I'll help you get your life together (mine is a hot mess) but we can definitely sip coffee, chat about how hard #adulting is, and wonder if the world will ever go back to #prepandemiclife. The internet can be a lonely place but it doesn't have to be! My goal is just to create my own little nook online for people to hang out and feel cozy.


Ready for our virtual coffee date? Have any random questions for me? Submit below!

Stay adventurous!




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